The American movie star Bill Murray visits Ljubljana

Bill Murray visited our side of the Alps because of business. In recent years, since he became the co-owner of the Slovenia Vodka brand, the latter has become his great joy. “They ask me what I have with that Slovenia Vodka, why I advertise it so much – yeah, I had a great time whenever I drank it! I feel successful and simply good,” says Murray, who once said that every vodka has a different impact on him. Even though Slovenia Vodak is owned by three renowned Americans, besides Bill Murray, there is also chef Peter X. Kelly and ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov, there is no doubt that Murray does the most for its promotion. According to Murray, Slovenia Vodka has an incredibly beneficial effect on him. Kelly explains that the secret of its elegance lies in a hint of buckwheat and a great Slovenian water as if made for quality vodka. The invited business partners enjoyed unique combinations of fresh flavours created by Atelje’s master chef, the culinary virtuoso Jorg Zupan. The one-of-a-kind dishes were perfectly paired with Slovenia Vodka, which the barman Rok Logar spiced up in a fusion of ingredients to make cocktails that impressed everyone present at the event. To anyone who is wondering how the cocktail inspired by Bill Murray and Slovenia Vodka tastes like, we recommend visiting Atelje Restaurant and trying the Berr Beets cocktail – you will not regret it! See the photos from the event here.