Renovations in Full Swing

While the focus in the summer and autumn last year was on renovations of the conference centre and the acquisition of a new state-of-the-art Panasonic 3D projector, which made us the first of only five facilities to offer it in Europe, much of this winter has been spent on refurbishing both our conference halls and rooms. We are very pleased to inform you that our esteemed guests can now enjoy 31 renovated rooms and bathrooms at Grand Hotel Union, the best hotel of its kind as far as the world of conferences and hotels in central Slovenia is concerned. The walls have been painted, new lighting has been added, the ceiling in the bathrooms has been raised, new works of art have been added to the rooms and the main entrance door has been replaced, not to mention a number of other small details that bring joy to all of our guests while they are far away from home. Grand Hotel Union Business, which has been welcoming guests alongside the Art Nouveau-style Grand Hotel Union ever since 1979, has recently likewise undergone a number of renovations and refurbishments, the aim of which was to provide our guests with an even more enjoyable experience. As a good listener and above all a welcoming host, we had been attentive to our guests' wishes and did our best to fulfil them. Thus, one of our new features now includes the "brasserie" concept, a range of fresh food and beverage options offered in a comfortable and pleasant, yet slightly different ambience, which exceeds the expectations of even the most demanding guests. We have also renovated the hallway that leads from the reception to the restaurant in the Green Room and the Union Garden restaurant. And there is more. Our corporate guests can now enjoy the concierge service, by means of which we see to the needs of our individual guests and offer additional services, thus further increasing the quality level of our hotel. However, there are a number of other fresh features and changes to look forward to soon, which will undoubtedly raise the quality of our accommodation services even further.