Latest News from Hotel Lev

While our green capital inspires us to create new, fresh services and culinary masterpieces, the sunny days and recognitions drive us to spread the good news. We would like to share the most advantageous piece of information with you, dear guests, in order to help you choose the best location in the city as regards efficiency. Why? Because TIME is the most precious commodity and essential for efficiency. New technical equipment and recently overhauled technical capabilities for conferences mean that the multi-purpose, style- and size-adjustable event hall now has state-of-the-art technical capabilities and options (responsiveness, HD projector with WUXGA resolution, digital desk...). Four multi-functional areas can easily be adjusted to the needs of organisers by using hall dividers, giving us the option to receive and cater for up to 400 guests. The entire hall is air-conditioned and lit by daylight. Its furniture and scenery can be tailored to your wishes so as to create a pleasant ambiance, also an important part of your event. Add our expert organisational support, which is fully dedicated to your wishes, and the result is a complete solution which will surely leave a mark on your event.