Grand Hotel Union brings wellbeing to its guests

The Union Hotels strive to remain the best hotels among Ljubljana hotels also with their creative offer for their guests. Their focus remains on congress guests, to whom they constantly offer their very best services and aim to improve their Union Hotels experience. Even though majority of congress guest have very busy schedule, they still like to enjoy a little bit of free time and take care of their wellbeing even while traveling. Now that will be even easier, since the Grand Union Hotel offers its guests inside fitness centre. Forget about the everyday stress and boost your energy levels in air-conditioned and user-friendly rooms with a great offer of the workout facilities. Wondering why to train while staying in Grand Hotel Union? As any other workout, fitness exercise has an impact on your health and wellbeing. The gym is equipped with a comprehensive range of weights and cardiovascular training equipment. At the same time, it offers a diversity of exercises, encouragement and professional guidance. Each trainer is culpable for up to five workout participants at once, while other participants can work out using the exercise equipment. On a daily basis, you can join the multi-functional training (MFT) at 5 p.m., 6 p.m. or 7 p.m. MFT is a dynamic, high-intensity workout, based on the movements useful in everyday life. You will grow to love it owing to its simple exercises, workout sessions, mostly composed of several types or elements of sports: cardio, gymnastics elements, (Olympic) weightlifting and martial art elements. Multi-functional training is suitable for everyone – the intensity and weight are adapted to each individual based on their ability.