First-Rate Technical Equipment and Support

The main focus of our latest renovations of the congress centre carried out during the summer months was the light, which is of utmost importance when it comes increasing the quality of our guests' experience or organisation of congress events. Technical equipment and support provided as part of our conference-related services was enriched by purchasing a screen and a projector, which will make presentations of multimedia contents a real experience in picture and sound. We are very pleased to announce that we now offer a most state-ofthe-art Panasonic 3D projector and are one of the first five providers in Europe to offer this first-rate multimedia experience. The projector boasts 20,000 lumens and offers a variety of features guaranteed by an extremely compact design, as well as an Optilux projection screen sized 732 cm x 549 cm that allows a back projection. Our aim was to see to the clarity and brightness of all of the rooms within the conference centre, which will be completely painted by September and will, in addition to its primary aim, by means of a special picture hanging system also serve as a venue for exhibitions of works of art.