A New Experience For Our Corporate Guests

Grand Hotel Union Business, which has been cultivating a close friendship with the Art Nouveau style Grand Hotel Union since 1979, has recently undergone a series of renovations and has been updated with new features, the aim of which was to make our guests' experience during their stay at the hotel an even more enjoyable one. As a good listener and, above all, a great host, we recognised our guests' wishes and transformed them into a suitable range of products and services. In line with this, we’ve opened a concept of a 'brasserie', fresh food and beverages offered in a comfortable and highly pleasant, yet somewhat different setting, which are exceeding the expectations of even the most demanding guests. We’ve also renovated the corridor leading from the reception to the restaurant at the Green Room and to the Union Garden restaurant. But there is more. Another new feature was added - the concierge service, by means of which we aim to make sure individual guests are devoted all the necessary attention, offer additional services and thereby further improve the level of our services.