110 Years of Grand Hotel Union

Opened on 28 October 1905, Grand Hotel Union is Ljubljana’s longest continually running conference hotel dedicated to providing a comfortable and beautiful experience to guests visiting wonderful Slovenia and the city of Ljubljana. This dedication results in guests being able to enjoy a memorable hotel experience on a daily basis. The know-how acquired over the decades provides a good basis for growing business excellence and the tradition is a guarantee of trust and quality for Grand Hotel Union’s guests. But the hotel’s tradition is also a source of amazing stories associated with the hotel – Grand Union Café and the Union Hall, for instance, are the former meeting place of the greatest Slovenian artists and intellectuals (the painters Rihard Jakopič, Hinko Smrekar, Ivan Čargo, the writers Ivan Tavčar, Ivan Cankar, Oton Župančič and many others) and new stories are still written here every day. That is why Grand Hotel Union is much more than merely a hotel. It is a venue providing guests with a meaningful experience on many levels.