Urban culture and socializing

The hub of the hotel

If you're looking for an authentic experience, this is the place to hang out at as this hip space is also popular with locals.
Rooftop bar at Central Hotel Union in Ljubljana

[email protected]

Unwind in the lobby area of [email protected] on the top floor of the Central Hotel in Ljubljana to meet your fellow-travellers. Complete with bar and a terrace view overlooking the Ljubljana Castle, this lounge-style lobby is the heart of the hotel. This is where it all happens; be it work or play. The front desk is also located here.

[email protected] specializes in craft beers made in Slovenia. It also serves cocktails or you can opt for Drink of the Day.

But it's not just about fun and games at [email protected] If you're in town for business, the space is perfect for relaxed meetings in a co-working atmosphere. The vibrant energy here is bound to boost creativity and improve productivity.

The space also features a Hydration and caffeination area, where guests can enjoy complimentary drinks and coffee using their complimentary travel bottles and coffee mugs.

The hub of the hotel!